Pure Black Manufactrued Granite Countertop To Kitchen

Commodity:  Manufactrued Granite Countertop


Material:  Natural Granite

Finish:  Polish

Primary Color(s):  Black

Origin Province:  China

Export Port:  Xiamen Port

OEM:  Welcome

Packing:  Wooden Box

Supply Ability:  1 cotainer in 20-25 days

Delivery time:  Depends On Exactly Qty

Payment:  T/T, L/C or others for negotiation

Design:  Coopearted with customer

Products :  Manufactrued Granite Stone Countertop

Other Biz Name:  Manufactured Pure Black Granite Countertop

Stone Name Pure Black Manufactured Granite Countertops For Kitchen
Place of Origin China
Color Black
Compress Strength 125 MPa
Modulus Rupture Flexural Strength 14MPa
Block Density 2.69 g/cm3
Water Absorption 0.34%
Stone Forms Countertop
Surface Finishing Polished 
Polished Degree Above 90,95 degree
Other Name Absolute Black Granite Countertop

Pure Black Manufactured Granite Countertops For Kitchen Shapes

Double Oval,other island,rectangle,etc.

Popular Sizes

Customs produce

Pure Black Manufactured Granite Countertops For Kitchen use and the products surface in high degree polish, the sinks in prefab cut, there also with ceramic sink, our company also can supply other shapes granite countertops as customer request. The black granite countertop made by Absolute Black Granite, that also named Shanxi Black Granite. 

As a professional Manufactured Granite Countertop's supplier, our company can produce many types stone countertops and the export countries to USA, CANADA,AUSTRALIA,etc. 

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